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This section is devoted to supplier communications.

Spectrum Associates recognizes the very important role of our Suppliers in the value we offer our customers. As an extension of our own operations, we rely on our Suppliers to provide material, products, and services which meet all of the requirements of Spectrum contracts, applicable specifications, regulatory requirements and quality management requirements.

In our ongoing effort to enhance communications with our suppliers, we have posted the following downloadable documents:

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D-1124 Supplier QA Clauses 7/2021

Spectrum Purchase Orders contain specific quality requirements tailored to the product or process. These Quality Clauses are defined on Spectrum Form D-1124.

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SAI-103 Supplier Quality Requirements Manual 12/2018

As an extension of our own operations, the Supplier Quality Requirements manual outlines the contract requirements, specifications, applicable regulatory requirements and quality management requirements for the providers of goods and services to Spectrum Associates.

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D-1021 Supplier Surveillance Report

All new suppliers must complete and submit the above form as part of the Supplier Qualification Process.

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D-1241 Request for Deviation Waiver

For approval of a Waiver or Deviation from any specification requirements in the Contract/P.O., submit Form D-1241, Request for Deviation/ Waiver, to the Spectrum Purchasing Department.

Please contact our Purchasing Dept. at info@spectrumct.com with any questions or to request additional information.