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This is the first time that a breakaway fuel valve of this large diameter has been successfully demonstrated in both tension and bending frangible separation modes.
With this addition to our product line we are able to accommodate much larger fuel lines, operating pressures and flow. This valve assembly is capable of a maximum flow rate of 375 gallons per minute with minimal pressure drop.
Rated for a standard flow of 100 GPM. The fully proven rotating ball concept provides the lowest pressure drop and post-crash or hard landing leakage rates (drops) of all present designs while exhibiting the extreme reliability necessary for this equipment. Our engineers can readily adapt the numerous models in other line sizes already in production to virtually any envelope required to enhance crash-resistance and reduce the chances of post-crash fire. If you have a crash-resistant fuel system, enhance its capability with breakaway fuel valves.
In addition, this latest step ahead in the product line allows us to pursue other modes of transportation — shipping, tanker aircraft, etc.