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Starting December 2019, Spectrum Associates will be launching a 3-D printing service for our customers.
This service will be available to both customers engaged with Spectrum design activities as well as customers simply looking to have their designs printed.
Spectrum will be using the power and precision of the Form 3 SLA Printer to get our customers the ability to have prototype designs in days, not months.
Spectrum will have the tools needed to serve all industries: Aerospace | Automotive | Medical/Dental | Consumer Goods | Defense | Manufacturing | Education | Architecture | and more…
Feel confident that your models will be printed virtually exactly like you see it on your screen; the Form 3 has a resolution of 0.001 in. in the X-Y plane and 0.001 in. – 0.012 in. resolution in the Z axis based on your choice of layer thickness. This printer has a build volume of 5.7 in. x 5.7 in. x 7.3 in.
We can print in any material offered by FormLabs to suit your needs(1):
  • General Dimensional Prototypes: Clear Resin | Grey Resin | Other Standard Resins
  • Engineering Functional Prototypes: Rigid Tesin | Tough Resin | Durable Resin
  • Low-Rate Production Parts: Draft Resin | Any Other Resin
  • Flexible/Elastic Prototype Parts: Flexible Resin Elastic Resin
  • Dental Mold Parts: Dental Resin Dental SG Resin | Dental LT Resin


In addition to 3-D printing and post–processing your parts, Spectrum engineers have extensive experience with 3-D modeling as a practice, so Engineering Services are available to aid in your design process and model preparation.

(1) If material isn’t readily in stock at Spectrum, added lead time will be required to obtain material from FormLabs