Operation Offload™ represents a vision of the
build-to-print future, both for Spectrum and
our marketplace.
Award-winning, small business with more than
55 years in the aerospace industry



  APPROVED BY MORE THAN 27 MAJOR O.E.M.S                                       



Engineering Department
Highly experienced in-house aerospace engineers with advanced degrees to provide custom design capability or enhance existing component build-to-print requirements for reduced cost and increased reliability.

Contract Administration
Full time administration to ensure on time delivery of quality hardware with no "paperwork" delays

20 full time trained certified technicians to provide electromechanical assembly and all aspects of aerospace component testing - soldering / calibration / welding / ATP of complex hydraulic sub-assemblies

Lab Environment
Clean / controlled - quality testing capability

Pressure Capability
Shop air, Skydrol, MIL-H-5606, MIL-C-83282, jet fuel media test; Vacuum to 8,000 p.s.i. for static applications

Flow Capability
Skydrol or MIL-H-83282 up to 6 GPM at 4000 p.s.i.

Systems Integration Capability
Add/test servovalves, check valves, pressure switches, solenoids to manifold assemblies

Typical Applications
Actuators, manifolds, indicators, breakaway valves

Small Parts Go In…
Spectrum earned its reputation in aerospace by designing, testing, qualifying and manufacturing complex aircraft components. As such, we have a system in place for handling, inspecting, testing and assembling various small, precision fuel or hydraulic system components.

Our system is perfectly situated to not only purchase the parts but to inspect and track them into kits for production, with full traceability in place for all parts which travel through our facility. From the screws and connectors right up complex machined housings and precision valves, all parts are kitted and routed to the production floor technicians for assembly and test.

Assembly According to Detailed Engineering
Spectrum has been designing, assembling and testing aerospace subassemblies for more than 50 years.

Our fully approved design system enables us to either prepare our own assembly and inspection operation sheets or adapt your own to fit. Each step of the assembly process is documented and governed by operation sheets with inspection points which are signed off or stamped upon approval. The assembly and inspection sheets are prepared and submitted for O.E.M. review, comment and approval prior to beginning work on any new contract. This data is then protected by rev. letter for rapid traceability.

All technical data is kept up to date automatically and and any changes or requests are documented to make certain that all interested parties remain "on the same page" technically, from start to finish.

In this manner, inspection and shipment remain on schedule.

Finished Product Tested and Flight Ready
"Turn-key" Operation
Spectrum can either assemble and inspect the subassembly per your specifications and then deliver it to you for final inspection and installation to the airframe, or we can work with you to prepare the specifications right up to the final inspection to preclude the need for further inspection at your facility.

Spectrum will also buy the parts, design and machine the complex components, inspect, process, assemble, test and paint them - and ship a completed unit to you. Spectrum will also regularly advise your facility as to where we stand each step of the way, so you are aware of project status from start to finish.

Spectrum can then either have the item packaged for you to your specifications or have it packaged to await installation at a future date.

Presently, Spectrum can also handle precision assemblies, hydraulic sub-assemblies, manifolds and fuel system sub-assemblies.

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