Spectrum has in-house capability for many Customer Approved special processes including:
  • TIG Welding     • Resistance Welding
  • • Soldering     • Heat Treat
These operations are performed by certified operators only. We also have more than a dozen customer approved special process suppliers. Each assembly operation sheet has specific inspection points, that require quality assurance sign-off.

The requirements of that inspection are specified in the in-process inspection sheet, that defines the inspection methods and procedures.

Some of our products have over 350 characteristics, and we have developed very effective methods of inspection.

Every product is tested to simulate a full range of operating conditions.

Many of our units are hermetically sealed, that is filled with an inert gas, to prevent moisture from developing on the contacts.

After they are sealed they are submitted to an environmental test that cycles the product through various pressure and temperature extremes.

As we said before System integration is our core business.

Our products range from simple switching mechanisms to complex Aircraft hydraulic flight control systems.

Each, however, requires the same capabilities: designing a product or process, procuring quality parts, assembling them with pride, and testing them for reliable service.

Our vision is to expand these skills to other Customer sub-assemblies, producing them better, faster, and more cost effective.

One of our strengths is our multi-skilled workforce. Before they are allowed to perform any task they are fully trained and certified in that process. They are skilled in over 22 different processes.

Each assembler is ultimately responsible for the quality of their work including assembly, calibration, pre-test, and sign-off by quality assurance.With an experienced staff we can not only buy the parts but design the necessary test stands, tooling, etc. to assemble, nspect and provide a fully tested sub-assembly and let you know as to where the schedule stands on a virtual daily basis if necessary. In fact, we have recently increased our capacity and have the right people standing by to assist you with you parts/sub-assembly requirements.