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Spectrum Breakaway Valves qualified for use on yet another commercial helo.

Spectrum has recently added another major U.S. rotorcraft manufacturer, Schweizer RSG, to its growing list of satisfied customers.

Schweizer has recently qualified a crash resistant fuel system (CRFS) for its proven 300 Series helicopters, including a new lightweight breakaway fuel valve assembly.

Spectrum engineers worked closely with this new customer to produce another qualified assembly in only months, from design to production.

The aircraft represents yet another U.S. commercial aircraft upgrading to a crash resistant fuel system (CRFS) as mandated by the FAA.

The Schweizer 300 Series is being fitted with Spectrum’s 14000 “BALVAC” breakaway fuel valve.

Spectrum’s proven BALVAC® breakaway fuel valves can be installed in all rotorcraft fuel line sizes quickly and reliably.

Chances are that Spectrum has a breakaway fuel valve to meet your CRFS requirements.