Check the product(s) of interest to receive/request drawings/info.

      High/Low Pressure Switches - 2212 Series

      Blade Pressure Transducers - 6000 Series

      Temperature-Compensated Pressure Switch - 6100 Series

      Extremely High Pressure Switches - 8000 Series

      9000 Series

      Self-Sealing Breakaway Valves - 14000 Series

      Hydraulic Manifolds - 22000 Series


     Spectrum reserves the right to make final determination as to those that will receive our drawings.

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With an experienced staff we can not only buy the parts but design the necessary test stands, tooling, etc. to assemble, inspect and provide a fully tested sub-assembly and let you know as to where the schedule stands on a virtual daily basis if necessary. In fact, we have recently increased our capacity and have the right people standing by to assist you with you parts/sub-assembly requirements.