Spectrum's CRASH-RESISTANT BREAKAWAY VALVES deliver state-of-the-art capability.

Frangible fittings to separate and seal fuel or other flammable fluids within hoses, tanks or other containers to prevent hazardous fluid flow due to crash, hard landings or inadvertent separation.

Series 14000
Series Description Separation Loads   
14160 Single Closure Cell Mounted 300-1000 lbs.
14162 Double Closure 90° Elbow 300-1000 lbs.
14165 Double Closure Line Mounted 300-1000 lbs.
14169 Vent Line Reduced Size 300-1000 lbs.
14948 Quick Disconnect Frangible 300-1000 lbs.
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With an experienced staff we can not only buy the parts but design the necessary test stands, tooling, etc. to assemble, nspect and provide a fully tested sub-assembly and let you know as to where the schedule stands on a virtual daily basis if necessary. In fact, we have recently increased our capacity and have the right people standing by to assist you with you parts/sub-assembly requirements.