Product Line:
9000 Series
Vacuum Pressure Switch

Series 9000 Pressure Switches retain all of the proven pressure switch design features (snap action, spring calibration, environmental sealing) while providing a hardened stainless steel shaft as the position sensor. Constructed of either stainless steel or anodized aluminum, these switches can be provided in a wide variety of envelopes with varying spring forces for each application.

Incorporating a sealed piston assembly, the Series 9000 Position Switches provide accurate dependable actuation under extreme conditions (shock/vibration/explosion proof).

Position Switches can be provided not only with piston assemblies for in/out requirements (door closing, weight on wheels, blade fold, etc.) but also for side to side (equipment wear, cut of tolerance conditions) applications. Units can be provided with wire leads or electrical connectors to specifications, with a wide range of spring forces available.

9000 Specifications

top plunger/pushbutton/side rotary
Operating Force:
1-10 lbs.  
Burst Pressure:
2,500 psia  
Operating Temperature::
-65°F to 250°F
Switch Selection:
Electrical Rating:
(Sea Level)
28 VDC, 4 amp. ees., 2.5 amp, ind.
Electrical Connection:
MS type receptacle or electrical wire leads
Wetted Parts:
304 ST. ST. or 2024 Anodized Aluminum
100,000 cycles typical
4 oz. maximum
Pre-travel / over-travel capability
Typical Applications:
aerospace, off-road equipment machine tool, processing equipment

Note: Alternate type pressure and electrical connections are available per your specific application requirements. Further data available upon request.