Product Line:
14900 Series
Self-Sealing Frangible Quick Disconnect Assembly




Breakaway Valve Features Manual Quick Disconnect Arm/Re-arm Option

Avoid fuel leakage hazards of aircraft structural damage from hard landings.

Breakaway Valve Now Featuring Manual Quick Disconnect Arm/Re-arm Option
  • > No pressure loss (when disconnected)
  • > No pressure drop (in operation)
Our new Series 14900 Frangible Quick Disconnect Assembly takes the proven 14000 Series BALVAC® (Ball Valve, Automatic Closure) Breakaway Valve Assemblies one step further.

Frangible Quick Disconnect Assemblies retain all of the proven spring-loaded self-rotating breakaway ball valve design features, while adding a manual reset "quick-disconnet" option.

In this manner, the assembly not only operates as a frangible segment of the pressurized fuel system, it is also quickly engaged or disengaged.

This feature allows rapid installation or removal of additional fuel tanks/bladders or other extended range fuel system components, with no loss of pressurization and while maintaining all frangible system requirements. System level leak check acceptance test procedures (ATPs) are not required after reconnection.

Existing breakaway valve installations can be retro-fit with a Spectrum® Frangible Quick Disconnect Assembly with no penalty in fuel flow/pressure drop considerations.

Previous cumbersome installation/removal operations of crashworthy fuel system components or cells can now be streamlined to save time and manpower. Series 14900 Frangible Quick Disconnects are fully qualified and readily available.

Fully Compliant To FAR PART 29.952 For Crashworthiness

14900 Specifications
Line sizes:
1/2"- 3"
End Fittings:
Per customer specifications  
-65°F to 275°F
Pressure Port:
Single/double closure available
Anodized aluminum
Frangible Loads:
Per customer specifications
Pressure Range:
Full vacuum to +120 psig
Proof Pressure:
180 psig
Burst Pressure:
240 psig

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