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Spectrum’s PRODUCTS are engineered mission capable.

Spectrum has a long history of successfully producing state-of-the-art crashworthy breakaway valves, pressure switches, indicators, and hydraulic subassemblies. Spectrum has earned 30 U.S. and foreign patents reflecting its broad product line.

Spectrum’s New Products

Spectrum is developing several new fuel products:

Drain Valve, Check/Relief Valve, and Float Valves

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aerospace components2300 – Pressure Switch

Series 2300 Pressure Switches detect either pressure gain, or loss in pressurized systems. Designed to aerospace quality standards in accordance with MIL-S-9395 these units provide high reliability exceeding 1,000,000 switching cycles.

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aerospace components 2335 – Gauge Pressure Switch

Series 2335 Pressure Switches provide reliable, diaphragm-actuated snap action switching in a compact package of stainless steel with all-welded construction.

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aerospace components2370 – Economy Pressure Switch

Presently successfully utilized in many military and commercial type fire extinguishing systems where Halon 1301 is the active medium, Series 2370 Pressure Switches provide reliable snap-action switching in a compact package of lightweight anodized aluminum construction. Offered with wire leads or Connectors.

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aerospace components4300 – Absolute Pressure Switch

Series 4300 Pressure Switches provide accurate and reliable switching over a pressure range of 4 to 250 psia. As an absolute pressure switch, the 4300 Series is hermetically sealed for life and is designed to meet critical MIL-Spec environments including shock, vibration and temperature cycling.

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aerospace components5000 – Differential Pressure Switch

Series 5000 Differential Pressure Switches provide reliable snap action switching in a miniature package while retaining dependability for customer critical applications. Incorporating a highly flexible diaphragm, the compact 5000 Series switches can be set from 2″ H2O to 60 p.s.i.d. or higher for specified applications.

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aerospace components7000 – Vacuum Pressure Switch

Series 7000 Pressure Switches provide reliable and repeatable snap-action switching in response to vacuum pressure in a ruggedly constructed miniature type package.

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aerospace components9000 – Position Switch

Series 9000 Position Switches retain all of the proven switch design features (snap action, spring calibration, environmental sealing) with a hardened stainless steel shaft as position sensor. Constructed of either stainless steel or anodized aluminum, these switches can be provided in a wide variety of envelopes with varying spring forces for each application.

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aerospace components14000 – Crash-Resistant Breakaway Fuel Valves

Spectrum’s BALVAC® Series self-sealing breakaway fuel valves are designed to close upon separation at the customer-specified loads and modes and seal-off fuel lines in response to structurally induced shear, tension or bending forces. These patented valves are installed where fuel lines connect to tanks, between tanks, at firewalls, and other points where hard landing can cause fuel system leaks and post-crash fires.

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aerospace components14900 – Frangible Quick Disconnect

Frangible quick disconnect assemblies retain all of the proven spring-loaded self-rotating breakaway ball valve design features, while adding a manual reset “quick-disconnect” option. This feature allows rapid installation or removal of additional fuel tanks/bladders, aerial refueling probes, or other fuel system components, with no loss of pressurization and maintaining all frangible system requirements.

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aerospace components22000 – Hydraulic Manifold Assembly

Series 22000 Hydraulic Manifold Assemblies are designed and manufactured per customer specifications. Manifolds can be delivered as either separate machined components only or complete assemblies including check valves, pressure switches, servo valves, solenoids, or filters.

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