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    WATCH: Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant completes ground run

    Spectrum provides all of the crash-resistant breakaway fuel valves and switches for this aircraft.

    WASHINGTON — Sikorsky and Boeing have provided the first video of the SB>1 Defiant helicopter, one of two designs competing in the Army’s Joint Multi-Role technology demonstrator program, showing a ground run at a company facility in Florida.

    That program is designed to inform the requirements for the Future Vertical Lift family of systems, set to enter service in the 2030s.

    The first flight of the aircraft has been long-awaited, and in late 2018, the two companies confirmed it would be delayed until 2019. According to a statement released with the video, the ground run moves it closer to taking to the skies.

    The unconventional rotor system used on the aircraft is based on Sikorsky’s X2 technology, and according to the development team, offers advanced agility and maneuverability.

    The Defiant’s competitor is Bell’s V-280 Valor tilt-rotor, which has been flying since late 2017.