Jan 23rd, 2018
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    May 5th, 2018, Milford, CT
    Spectrum Employees Participated in Mackenzie's Annual Beach Clean Up!

    The event was on Saturday May 5, 2018 in Milford, CT from 10 - 2pm.

    Mackenzie's Beach Clean up began nine years ago, when Mackenzie was just four years old and realized how dirty the local beaches were. Since then, the project has grown and continues to have an impact on the Milford shoreline each year, and a safer and cleaner environment.

    Spectrum employees took to the sands of Gulf Beach to clean debris, such as empty bottles, food wrappers and other hazardous materials laying around.

    Mackenzie's Beach Clean took at Walnut and Silver Sands beaches in Milford. It is co-sponsored by the Walnut Beach Association, Save the Sound, and the Stratford Home Depot. Bags and gloves will be provided. And there's a bonus: the first 100 volunteers will receive free ice cream, compliments of Walnut Beach Creamery!