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    Sep 21st, 2016, Stratford
    Sikorsky Deal to Benefit CT Small Businesses

    Wednesday's announcement of a deal to keep Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford could mean hundreds of new jobs across southwestern Connecticut.

    Many shops who make parts for helicopters say they now may be hiring more workers.
    Spectrum Associates, located in Milford, makes parts for military helicopters.

    "If we're able to secure more content on that airframe, we will definitely be adding more positions here at Spectrum," President Richard Meisenheimer says.

    Sikorsky already spends $350 million per year on local contractors, a number that could now double.

    The military's new King Stallion chopper will also be built at Sikorsky. Before Wednesday's announcement, Spectrum considered shifting jobs to Florida to work on the helicopter.
    The state is giving Sikorsky up to $220 million in incentives to make the deal happen.

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