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    Raider Partners!
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    Feb 5th, 2015, Milford, CT
    Raider Partners!
    The Raider Program Team is pleased to report that the team has successfully launched ground operations on aircraft # 1.

    We successfully launched bladed ground runs.

    Aircraft data looks very good and pilots report aircraft performance to be as expected.

    This successful engine start and rotors turning event marks the achievement of a very important program milestone.

    The Raider program management team would like to express our appreciation to all of our partners
    for your contribution to and collaboration with the program.

    We will report on our progress towards first flight on a regular basis.

    You should all be very proud of this important program milestone.

    Mark Hammond
    S-97 Program Manager
    Sikorsky Innovations

    Andy Bernhard
    S-97 Chief Engineer
    Sikorsky Innovations

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