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    USAF / Sikorsky HH-60W aerial refuel capability enabled through the use of Spectrum BALVACĀ® breakaway fuel valves

    Spectrum BALVAC® Breakaway Fuel Valves are an integral part of the HH-60W ERFS (Extended Range Fuel System) which provides virtually unlimited flight range.


    U.S. Air Force's new combat rescue helicopter begins aerial refueling trials.

    History has been made again. 36 years later, the USAF / Sikorsky HH-60W CRH aircraft aerial refuels, generations after the first HH-60D Nighthawk proved it could be accomplished, using Spectrum BALVAC® breakaway fuel valves.

    The HH-60W Jolly Green II, the U.S. Air Force's new combat search-and-rescue helicopter, connected with a HC-130J tanker for the first aerial refueling, on August 5, 2020, approximately 3,000 ft. above Eglin Air Force Base, FL.


    "Air to Air re-fueling is a decisive force multiplier and proving this capability on the CRH significantly increases the combat capabilities for the USAF. Key components from suppliers like Spectrum insure the mission is accomplished each and every time."
    — Greg Hames, Director
    Combat Rescue Helicopter Program Lockheed Martin 


    "The negligible fuel pressure drop through our proven design enables swift aerial refueling of the aircraft as a mission enabler for this brand new aircraft."
    — Jim Morgia, Spectrum

    The connection was the beginning of a two week developmental testing phase of the aerial refueling capability of the aircraft by the Air Force’s 413th Flight Test Squadron.


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