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Spectrum has in-house capability for many customer-approved special processes including:

• TIG/GTAW Welding

• Soldering

These operations are performed by trained operators. We also have more than a dozen customer-approved special processes. Each assembly operation sheet has specific inspection points, that require Spectrum quality assurance approval.

Every product is qualification-tested to simulate a full range of operating conditions. Every product is ATP’d to customer requirements. First-time acceptance rate is over 99 percent.

Spectrum employs in-house 3D-printed part technology to rapid prototype new designs. 3D printing is also used for tooling purposes.

Each assembler is ultimately responsible for the quality of their work including assembly, calibration, pretest, and sign-off by quality assurance. With an experienced staff we can procure the component parts from our large supplier base, and design the necessary test stands and tooling to assemble, inspect and provide a fully tested units.