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Removal Tool Kit fo Self Sealing Breakaway Valves (SSBV)

Spectrum became aware that the Navy and Marines were encountering difficulty in removing breakaway fuel valves from CH and MH-53E helicopters under normal maintenance procedures.

Over time and an undisclosed number of flight hours, o-ring seals effectively sealed the valve assemblies to the various fuselage installation points.

As the valve assemblies are frangible elements, excessive force exerted by personnel during the removal process often resulted in separation and closure of the valve, effectively scrapping the part.

Upon being made aware of this by MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station) Cherry Point (NC) personnel, Spectrum engineers visited the facility and subsequently designed a valve removal tool kit, which fits within numerous valve assemblies and effortlessly remove them safely from the aircraft.

This kit resulted in significant saving and enhanced fleet mission readiness through effective communication and collaboration with the Navy.

Frangible Quick Disconnect

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (S.O.A.R.) approached Spectrum with the idea of converting the breakaway fuel valves at the root of the aerial refueling probe for the MH-60K helicopter to frangible quick disconnects. This would allow rapid removal of the refuel probe without fuel leakage or pressure loss.

Within a twelve month period, Spectrum designed a “drop-in” upgrade of the 2 fuel valves to manually operated frangible quick disconnect assemblies.

This reduced the removal process of the probe, from 4 hours to thirty minutes, significantly enhancing mission readiness of the aircraft.]

Spectrum can adapt virtually any existing breakaway fuel valve installation to a frangible quick disconnect assembly.