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Spectrum is an award-winning, small business serving the aerospace industry for more than 65 years. We are a Continuous Improvement company, AS9100 certified, and comply with E-Verify standards. Spectrum is in-process to become AS13100 capable in 2022.



30,000 SQ. FT. FACILITIES FULLY-EQUIPPED WITH Hydraulic test EQUIPMENT and Overhaul capability with 3 micron filtering of test fluid. Production Cells are Humidity and Temperature controlled; Measurement Management Systems in accordance with ISO-10012






Engineering Department

Highly experienced aerospace engineers and designers providing design and analysis capability and enhance existing component build-to-print requirements for reduced cost and increased reliability.

Highly-skilled Engineering Lab develop and validate product designs.


Contract Administration

Ensures on-time delivery of conforming hardware with no “paperwork” delays



Trained flight safety technicians provide electro-mechanical assembly and all aspects of aerospace component testing including: soldering, welding, and ATP of complex hydraulic and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies.


Lab Environment

Clean / controlled testing capability

Filtered air and Positive pressure production cells


Pressure Capability

Full vacuum to 10,000 PSIG using shop air, Skydrol, MIL-H-5606, MIL-PRF-83282, jet fuel ; for static applications.


Flow Capability

Skydrol and MIL-PRF-83282 up to 6 GPM at 4,000 PSIG and 12 GPM at 500 PSIG

Working fluid temperature-controlled testing systems


Systems Integration Capability

Build/test servo-valves, check valves, pressure switches, solenoids to manifold assemblies, and fuel sponsons


Typical Applications

Actuators, manifolds, breakaway valves


Small Parts Go In…

Spectrum earned its reputation in aerospace by designing, testing, qualifying, and manufacturing reliable and robust fuel and hydraulic components. As such, Spectrum standard processes control the handling, inspecting, assembling, and testing a variety of small, precision fuel or hydraulic system components to customer demanding requirements and standards.

Assembly According to Detailed Engineering

Spectrum’s commitment to aerospace component design, and test spans more than six decades.

Our design and configuration management systems enables us to either prepare our own assembly and inspection operation sheets or adapt your own. Each step of the assembly process is documented and governed by operation sheets with inspection points ensuring product integrity. This data is revision controlled and serial number controlled for traceability.

All technical data is kept current and any changes or requests are documented to make certain that all departments in the product development team remain aligned technically, from start to finish – within schedule.

Finished Product Tested and Flight Ready


Turnkey Operation

Spectrum’s Build-To-Print capability allows your design to be manufactured, assembled, tested, and shipped to meet your needs.

Spectrum will also procure the parts, machine the complex components, inspect, process, assemble, test them – and ship a completed unit. Spectrum will also track and provide project status necessary for Customer planning.


Presently, Spectrum can also accommodate precision assemblies, hydraulic sub-assemblies, manifolds, and fuel system sub-assemblies.

Ask us how we can help you “offload” some of your needs.