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4300 Series Absolute Pressure Switch

Series 4300 Pressure Switches provide accurate and reliable switching over a pressure range of 4 to 250 psia. As an absolute pressure switch, the 4300 Series is hermetically sealed for life and is designed to meet critical MIL-Spec environments including shock, vibration and temperature cycling.

The miniature size configuration with rugged, welded stainless steel construction permits the 4300 Series Pressure Switches to be utilized successfully in those applications where space is critical and where the pressure switches must meet severe MIL-Spec type environments. Extensive cycling tests verify a life rating in excess of 100,000 operations.

4300 Specifications

Pressure Setting Range:

4 to 250 psia

Proof Pressure:

1,000 psia

Burst Pressure:

2,500 psia

Setting Accuracy:

+/- 1% of range

Operating Temperature:

-65°F to 250°F

Pressure Port:

1/8″ NPT (male) or as required

Switch Selection:


30 VDC, 5 amp res., 2.5 amp inductive

115 VAC, 5 amp inductive or resistive load

Electrical Connection:

MS type receptacle as required

Wetted Parts:

304 St St housing and base,

17-7PH St St diaphragm


100,000+ cycles typical


3 oz. maximum

Note: Alternate type pressure and electrical connections are available per your specific application requirements. Further data available upon request.