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2370 Series Pressure Switch

Presently successfully utilized in many military and commercial type fire extinguishing systems where Halon 1301 is the active medium, Series 2370 Pressure Switches provide reliable snap-action switching in a miniature package of lightweight anodized aluminum construction.

The series 2370 Pressure Switches are designed to MIL specification quality standards and can be set to pressures up to 400 PSIG with the capability of withstanding severe overpressure operational conditions.

In addition to providing reliable service in harsh environments such as shock, vibration and temperature cycling, Series 2370 Pressure Switches are readily available.

2370 Specifications

Pressure Setting Range:

5 to 400 psig (factory set)

Proof Pressure:

3,000 psig

Burst Pressure:

6,000 psig

Setting Accuracy:

+/- 1% of range

Operating Temperature:

-65°F to 275°F

Pressure Port:

1/8″ NPT (male)

Switch Selection:


30 VDC, 5 amp res., 2.5 amp ind.

115 VAC, 5 amp ind. or res.

Electrical Connection:

2 or 3 potted 12″ pigtail leads

Wetted Parts:

anodized aluminum housing,

17-7PH SS diaphragm, Buna N O-ring


up to 100,000+ cycles


3 oz. maximum

Note: Alternate type pressure and electrical connections are available per your specific application requirements. Further data available upon request.