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2300 Series
High Pressure Switch

Series 2300 Pressure Switches are compact for ease of installation and detect either pressure increase, or pressure drop in pressurized systems. These units provide high reliability with typical life exceeding 1,000,000 switching cycles. Rugged piston-actuated snap-action switch automatically resets after the pressure correction.

The 2300 delivers under severe conditions of surge, vibration, and shock.

2300 Specifications

Pressure Setting Range:

400 to 3,500 psig (factory set)

Proof Pressure:

7,500 psig

Operating Temperature:

-65°F to 275°F

Pressure Port:

1/8″ NPT (male or female)

or MS 33514E4 (male only)

Switch Selection:


(2.5 amps ind. 28 VDC or 115 VAC)

Electrical Connection:

2 or 3 pigtail leads

or connector per specifications

Wetted Parts:

anodized aluminum or stainless steel


100,000 minimum cycles typical

Note: Alternate fluid end types and and electrical connections are available per your specific application requirements.